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The Most Narcissistic Workouts I Know

Today was the penultimate beach body workout. I moved from Arms to ABS to Back over and over until was hour was done. WOD went a little something like this...

Traditional Crossfit Warmup

WOD for 2007-12-29

Heavy Curls (45-65-85) 5x5@105
V-ups 20-20-20-20-20
Decline Curls (10-20) 5x8@30
Single Arm Cable Curls @ 25
Situps to failure

Shoulder stabilization with cables (which I found so much easier than the last time I tried these over a year ago... mark 1 up for crossfit)

Lat pulldowns (50-60-70) 5x10@210

It's been a long time since I've used cables and machines... and I don't miss them a bit... I actually really miss my humble little Crossfit garage gym.

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